terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

HEPTONES-And Friends Vol.1 & 2 (1995)

02-HEPTONES-Save The Last Dance For Me
03-JULIE ANNE-The Gardener
04-HEPTONES-Our Day Will Come
05-NICKY THOMAS-Have A Little Faith
06-HEPTONES-Freedom To The People
07-HEPTONES-Every Day And Every Night
08-PETER TOSH-Maga Dog
09-HEPTONES-God Bless The Children
10-HEPTONES-Love Has Many Faces
11-HEPTONES-Be The One
12-NICKY THOMAS-Mama's Song
13-KEN PARKER-The Dynamic Ken Parker
14-PETER TOSH-Them A Fe Get Beatin'
15-HEPTONES-The Magnificent Heptones
16-JACKIE BROWN-People Of Today
18-URIEL ALDREL-Let True Love Begin
19-DENNIS BROWN-Money In My Pocket
20-ALTON ELLIS-Knock On Wood
21-HEPTONES-I've Got A Feling
22-VERSATILES-Warricka Hill
23-DELROY WILSON-Baby I Need Your Loving
24-BIG YOUTH-A So We Stay


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