sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010

Larry Marshall - I Admire You (1975)

01 She Is My Woman
02 I Admire You
03 Shirley
04 Captivity
05 Jah Fire
06 My Foreparent
07 Heavy Heavy Load (extended mix)
08 Is Whey Deh Money Deh
09 Set Me Free10 Thelma
11 Can't You Understand
12 You Lied
13 Oh Jah
14 Oh Girl (extend mix)

Créditos:Ras Fernando

terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

LAMBERT DOUGLAS-Living Man (1977)

01-Jah Jah No New
02-Living Man
03-European Man
04-Cleaning Up Time
06-A So Jah Say
08-Natty Dread Stand
10-Babylon Bawling

TENNORS-Rock Steady Classics (1998)

01-Ride Yu Donkey
02-Weather Report
03-Another Scorcher
04-Baby Come Home
05-Want Everything
06-Good News
07-World Is A Stage
08-Give Me Bread
09-We Got Soul
10-Pressure And Slide
12-Massi Massa
14-Run Come
15-Hopeful Village
17-Gee Whiz

PAT KELLY-One Man Stand (1979)

02-Man Of My Word
03-Ebony Eyes
04-It´s You Love
05-You Are Not My Kind
06-Just Like A Girl
07-I'll Never Fall In Love Again
08-One Man Stand
09-I Wish It Would Rain
10-We vAre Fighting For The Rights

THE MAYTONES - Their Greatest Hits

01 - Holy Ground
02 - Africa We Want To Go
03 - Judgment A Come
04 - Do Good
05 - Money Worries (Feat. I Roy)
06 - Bowee Wowee
07 - Madness
08 - Sha La La Disco
09 - Little Boy Blue
10 - One Way
11 - Come Along
12 - All Over the World, People Are Changing
13 - Music Is A Part Of Life
14 - Rivers Of Babylon
15 - Africa We Want To Go - Natty Tired Fe Carry Load (Feat. Trinity)
16 - Come Along - Jamaican Collie (Feat. U Roy)

Creditos:Ras Fernando

sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

As Melhores Do Ras Fernando Vol.:1

01-Fabienne Mirawada - prophecy

02-Jennifer Lara - A Change Is Gonna Come

03-Max Romeo - No Peace

04-Ini Kamoze - Jump For Jah

05-Lacksley Castell - Cold Winter Night

06-Bob Marley - Soul Rebel Acústico

07-The Congos - Yoyo

08-Rita Marley - my desire

09-Horace Andy - Riding For A Fall

10-Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free

11-marcia grifts - gypsy man

12-Rod Taylor - Mr. Money Man

13-The Itals - Jah Calling

14-Revolutionaries - Counter Attack

Créditos:Ras Fernando

John Holt - Sweetie Come Brush Me (1982)

Ghetto Queen
My EyesSame Girl
Sweetie Come Brush Me
Way We Were
Try A Thing
Fancy Make Up
Do You Love M
Créditos:Ras Fernando

Willy Williams - Messenger Man (1980)

01 - I Man
02 - No Hiding Place
03 - Valley Of Jeshosephat
04 - Rocking Universally - Armagideon Style
05 - Messenger Man
06 - Slave
07 - Give Jah Praise
08 - Dungeon
09 - Zion Town
Créditos:Ras Fernando

Hortense Ellis - Jamaica's First Lady Of Songs (1977)

King Spinner
Mark My Word
Melody Life
Eddy My Love
And The Lord Said
Come Closer To Me
Loving Arms
Don't Want To Cry
Créditos:Ras Fernando